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Mop and bucket cleaning

Mop and bucket – the enemies of your tiles and grout

Is the dirty water making impossible to clean the grout?Do you have troubles with cleaning your tile or stone floor and especially the grout? The problem could be your mop and bucket. The surface of your floor is much easier to clean than the grout. No matter how hard you try, often the grout continues […]

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Getting rid of pet urine odor Hardwood edition

Getting rid of pet urine odor: Hardwood edition

Hardwood Cleaning, 02.10.2017

Pet accidents on the floor, especially hardwood floor, require quick reaction. Here are some tips how to remove pet urine odour and stain properly. If your cat or dog has done a little puddle on the floor, you have to become a Rapid Response Force. If per urine seep into the parquette, it may inevitably […]

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Temperature in the office

How to Beat Summer Heat in the Office?

Lifestyle, 04.07.2016

The Summer has finally arrived and you are happy you can put on lighter clothes, drink your favourite cocktails and spend the warm evenings camping or laying on a comfy beach chair. Summer is associated with all these positive experiences, but let’s get back to reality. If you have a full-time job, you can practice […]

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Get ready for the football season

How to prepare for the upcoming football season?

Lifestyle, 06.06.2016

The summer is just around the corner and the avid football fans are impatient to play their favourite game and gather together to watch important matches. All that sounds entertaining, but if you are in charge of keeping the house neat and clean, football season might not be your favourite part of the summer. Here […]

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Prepare your garden for spring

Is your garden ready for spring? Follow these 10 easy steps!

Tips and tricks, 03.05.2016

With the end of cold days, it’s about time to think about cleaning and refreshing your garden. Weeding and mulching may not be the most fun part of spring activities, but they are very important and you should not miss them. Just think about how beautiful your garden will look after you take a good […]

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Homemade cleaning solutions from your pantry

Edible cleaners come to the rescue! – Part 2

Cleaning secrets, 04.04.2016

There are plenty reasons why it is a good idea to reduce the number of chemical detergents you are using at home – you will improve your and your beloved ones health, the indoor air quality and of course, you are helping the environment. You may already know that there are cleaning products at your […]

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