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Cleaning secrets

Homemade cleaning solutions from your pantry

Edible cleaners come to the rescue! – Part 2

Cleaning secrets, 04.04.2016

There are plenty reasons why it is a good idea to reduce the number of chemical detergents you are using at home – you will improve your and your beloved ones health, the indoor air quality and of course, you are helping the environment. You may already know that there are cleaning products at your […]

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Never put these kitchen items in the dishwasher

Cleaning secrets, 08.02.2016

You surely love your dishwasher as it saves you hundreds of hours a year from doing the dishes. We all know that this is not among the most pleasant cleaning tasks at home so you should at least take proper care for your true assistant. Read on to see which items you should never put […]

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4 areas that require regular dusting

Cleaning secrets, 22.01.2016

Dusting is an essential component of every home cleaning procedure but you can hardly find someone who actually enjoys this activity. On the contrary – dusting is often hastily done and as a result, you live in a dirty environment despite the efforts you make to keep your place clean. Actually, the large quantities of […]

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Get rid of all pesticides and poisons in your home

Cleaning secrets, 02.11.2015

Disposal of pesticides and poisons from home in order to live calm and a bit more environmentally friendly seems complicated and slow process. But actually it’s not. You just have to be aware of what steps to change in order to achieve the desired result. Check out more details:

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3 advantages of professional oven steam cleaning

Cleaning secrets, 26.10.2015

For some of us, kitchen is the favorite place at home. This is where you make all those delicious recipes for you and your family. And of course, when you cook your masterpieces your oven gets dirty and cleaning it afterwards isn’t an easy task. Anyone who ever tried to remove burned grease out of […]

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Clean your home during rainy autumn days – hacks

Cleaning secrets, 23.10.2015

According to a popular saying “There is nothing better than the bad weather” and it is absolutely applicable to the autumn season when you want to do nothing but to make yourself a cup of tea, grab a book and wrap into a fluffy blanket. Of course, you miss the summer days and live with […]

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