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Cleaning secrets

3 tricks to control pet hair around your home

Cleaning secrets, 06.07.2015

As every pet owner you probably regard your cat or dog as a member of the family and take good care of them. However, having a pet is not only taking it for a walk or buying food and toys from the pet store. It is a responsibility you have to be prepared for. If […]

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Most Common Stain Removal Tips For Healthier Living Space

Cleaning secrets, 04.05.2015

Home carpets are like magnets for stains. It`s like a curse to get yourself a new carpet and split a glass of red wine all over it – especially if the fibers are white. And it is like a logical consequence in life, when once you take your rug back from the professional rug cleaners, […]

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Cope with the mess after the last night party

Cleaning secrets, 28.04.2014

If you’re a party kind of person, then you’re used to welcome your friends in your dwelling very often. It’s not bad to have interesting conversations, to cook together, to dance and to amuse yourself in pleasant company. It’s just wonderful to take part in noisy revelries. There is just one detail, that is not […]

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End of lease cleaning – important details

Cleaning secrets, 24.04.2014

The end of tenancy cleaning is not only comprehensive and super deep sanitising procedure. It’s also accompanied by many organising projects and specific features. The most important condition is to restore the flawless hygiene via thorough domestic cleaning operation. The property must be ready for the new tenants and it must look just the way […]

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