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Cleaning Tips

natural cleaning with edible cleaners - Part 1

Edible cleaners come to the rescue! – Part 1

Cleaning Tips, 21.03.2016

Great news for everyone that hates using commercial cleaning detergents because of all the potential hazards they present – warning symbols such as poisonous, danger, keep away from children usually make us all nervous and house cleaning turns into even more tedious task.

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Practical uses of your toothbrush beside from cleaning your teeth!

Cleaning Tips, 26.02.2016

Don’t rush to toss your old toothbrush – yes, it’s main purpose is to clean your teeth but it can be great for a wide range of other household tasks. From applying hair dye to cleaning your bike chain, there are a lot of useful hacks you can learn. Read on and check them out!

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6 bathroom areas you forget to clean

Cleaning Tips, 15.01.2016

Along with the kitchen, bathroom is commonly defined as one of the dirtiest places at home and therefore, it requires regular cleaning and sanitizing. Many people clean just the bathroom sink and tiles, mop the floor once a week and believe that’s enough for keeping themselves protected from the germs. Well, you might be disappointed […]

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How to take care of your high-quality kitchen vessels

Cleaning Tips, 23.11.2015

When it comes to your high-quality kitchen vessels, their maintenance depends on the material they were made from. It is extremely important to consider that, because this way you will be able to clean your vessels properly. In order to protect your pans and pots, you need to know things or two. Check out our useful […]

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8 cleaning hacks for lazy housewives

Cleaning Tips, 30.10.2015

Nowadays, there are many lazy housewives. What about you? Even if cleaning is not among your favorite activities, you can easily keep your home tidy, if you follow a few recommendations. You might be surprised how few tips can save you hours of cleaning:

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How to clean silver objects with homemade solutions

Cleaning Tips, 12.10.2015

Admit it that you haven’t cleaned your silver items for a while and you promise yourself that next week you will take your silver jewelry to a professional to restore its bright condition but you just postpone until you can’t stand seeing the tarnish and grime onto your valuable possessions. The lack of time is […]

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