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Cleaning Tips

Tips on how to clean your barbecue grill

Cleaning Tips, 09.10.2015

Nothing taste better than a home grilled meat. This is the time when you stay at home with your family and prepare delicious homemade food. The only thing you will hate about your barbecue is that it accumulates a lot of burned grease over time. Of course, the best way to keep your barbecue spotless […]

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What we can do to reduce house dust

Cleaning Tips, 05.10.2015

Dust accumulation is one of the main problems every household has. Dust causes allergies and respiratory diseases and apart from that, makes the house look really badly maintained. You probably get really irritated when you dust all surfaces and they are covered with dust on the very next day and look like they haven’t been […]

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5 ways to remove the smell of your oven

Cleaning Tips, 02.10.2015

Maintaining your kitchen appliances in a good condition undoubtedly prolongs their lifespan but unfortunately not many people take regular care of them. Remember the last time you cleaned the fridge or the oven thoroughly? You probably do not and think that things will take care of themselves. Let’s concentrate on one of the most tedious […]

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Declutter your car in 6 easy steps

Cleaning Tips, 07.08.2015

Do you regard your car as a closet where you store more or less useful items that you consider necessary? If you do, don’t be surprised that the back seat is so stuffed that you basically cannot offer a ride to more than one person. If you think it is time for a thorough cleanup, […]

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How To Remove The Bad Odour From Home Easily And Successfully?

Cleaning Tips, 11.05.2015

Besides the stains and the bacteria, there is something else you need to get rid at home, if you want it to be fresh, stylish and welcoming. We are speaking of the bad odour and its elimination must be one of your agenda tasks during the daily domestic cleaning  procedure. The disgusting smells might origin […]

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