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Cleaning Tips

How to clean your fridge thoroughly – manual

Cleaning Tips, 10.11.2014

Although your kitchen looks tidy from the outside – dishes washed, scrubbed floors, there is one place that deserves special attention, and this is your fridge! Оpen box of milk, food remnants, half-empty boxes … It’s not pleasant, but it happens to everyone. As an experienced and reliable company, Nice and Clean London gives you […]

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Cleaning techniques to reconsider

Cleaning Tips, 06.11.2014

Having a strict plan for cleaning – on a daily basis or in every deep sanitising procedure per season – is good. Following an organised and perfectly prepared checklist with specific chores gives you a high advantage to end up with stunning results. Though, there might be parts of your regular approaches into home disinfection […]

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What housekeeping rules to forget in office cleaning?

Cleaning Tips, 18.08.2014

Working among a fresh and hygienic environment should be a top priority for any boss and office manager. However, most of today’s companies and average firms has put this obligation over their employees’ shoulders. There is nothing bad in this, if the company has run out all of its money for social improvement in the […]

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Get rid of suntan oil from your carpet

Cleaning Tips, 28.07.2014

Summer is here and the regular summer carpet stains become a big danger for the domestic living space once again. Sun tan oil, for instance, might become a real nasty nightmare for your living room, bedroom or any other premise at home that has a rug, too. Don’t panic, because our cleansing solutions always work […]

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Tips for cleaning 8 common home messes

Cleaning Tips, 12.06.2014

Experts claim that any house has at least once suffered from the following 8 common home messes. Besides, even if you live in an apartment, there is a big possibility for you to face one of them, too. We are glad to share with you how to reduce and remove all of these messes:

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What not to do when removing stains from carpets

Cleaning Tips, 26.05.2014

You might be aware of what to do, when you see a nasty spot on your carpet, but do you know what not do? There is a bunch of contra-indicative approaches and methods into carpet stain removals and you should find out them right now. Otherwise, you risk your rugs and even more – your […]

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