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Home interior

How to spice up your walls without spending a fortune

Home interior, 15.02.2016

Maybe you are bored with the present colour of your walls. Usually to renovate the whole house is an expensive procedure and it will shrink your budget for sure. Below are listed few ideas you may found helpful in order to spice up your walls without spending a fortune. Read on.

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Things you should definitely have in your bedroom

Home interior, 05.02.2016

You will spend a decent amount of hours of your life in you bedroom. Having this in mind you should provide yourself with the most comfortable environment and make sure you sleep tight. Read on and see some of these things that you may be missing.

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Extravagant ways to personalise your home decor – inexpensive ideas

Home interior, 01.02.2016

The unique and personal home decoration is definitely something to be proud of. If you are not only being creative but you want to be considered extravagant and fashionable you can check these ideas out.

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How to choose kitchen cabinets for home renovation

Home interior, 18.01.2016

So, it’s time for a kitchen renovation? Kitchen cabinets are probably the most important kitchen furniture. Choosing the right type of kitchen cabinet guarantees that your kitchen will look cosy and functional. Your kitchen should express your personality. On the other hand, kitchen is the place where you make your food so it should be […]

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Small kitchen design tips

Home interior, 08.01.2016

Small kitchens go hand in hand with a lot of inconveniences caused by the lack of space but unfortunately, not everyone can afford it to live in a spacious house. If you are among those people who are trying to find a solution to the lack of space, you probably keep the kitchen appliances and […]

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Warm up your bedroom during winter with these 5 tips

Home interior, 25.12.2015

So, winter is already here and the weather turned all blustery. Even though we have all the conveniences such as air-conditioners or other heaters during the night, it can get quite cold in your bedroom. Well, here are some tips you can use that will help you keep your bedroom nice and warm during the […]

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