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Home interior

Ideas for creating a charming dining room with red accents

Home interior, 14.12.2015

Red is not always the first color that comes to mind when decorating the living room or bedroom, because there it should be used carefully and in moderation. But when it comes to the dining room, red color is favorite of many people. It’s often used in homes and other establishments. Many designers prefer to […]

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Typical features of the Edwardian house

Home interior, 11.12.2015

If you are enthusiastic about home decoration and design and you are ready to put a lot of efforts into making an old house look like a contemporary home, you should definitely consider the Edwardian houses.

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Retro bathtub in the bathroom – why not?

Home interior, 04.12.2015

Retro decorating is always in fashion. Interior design and accessories in vintage style continue to find more and more fans, even among the most demanding customers. Antiques and furniture find a place in virtually every part of the modern home. More and more manufacturers offer advanced functionality in combination with retro design. Let’s talk about […]

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Feng Shui for vestibules and corridors

Home interior, 27.11.2015

One of the most important things for the corridor according to Feng Shui is it to be very well-lit. You know that light is extremely important, it should be in abundance and if it is not possible that it is natural, it should be selected so as not to irritate the eyes and mind. Furnish […]

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Feng shui in the bathroom

Home interior, 20.11.2015

One of the most important things in the bathroom according to Feng Shui is the lighting. It is believed that the central lighting in general is not enough and it is desirable to have a few more sources of light, including several candles. Another important part is the mirror – according to feng shui, the […]

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Yellow color in the interior – tips and rules

Home interior, 16.11.2015

Yellow interior is а common phenomenon. If you like yellow and you want this colour in your home, see the following advice:

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