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Home interior

Check out these extravagant beds

Home interior, 15.06.2015

A person spends almost one third of his or her life in the bed. That explains why its right choice is of the utmost importance. Designers today are trying not just to create beautiful and extravagant beds, but those who can be sold for thousands of dollars. Here are some of those unique beds:

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Application of paper in the interior

Home interior, 05.06.2015

Paper is a remarkable material. Except that it has a rich history, even today, in a whole variety of products of industry, it is all around us. Here are more details on the topic:

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Best ways to use the garage if you don’t own a car

Home interior, 15.05.2015

Garage is the most convenient storage space for things that you don’t want to see anymore but you also cannot find strength to throw away. Can’t it be more useful?! If you don’t have a car and there is no corpse there, you may give it a good clean up and prepare a renovation.

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Shower curtain – pros and cons

Home interior, 06.02.2015

Curtain in the bathroom is a practical accessory. For many households, it is a relatively inexpensive way to form a shower or bath space and to hold water in it. Some people deny its profits. So, let’s take a look at both – pros and cons.

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Furniture-foil – great idea for refreshing old furniture

Home interior, 30.01.2015

Furniture foil is particularly economical and practical way to refurbish old furniture at home. If you are already tired of watching scratched countertops, husked refrigerator or faded paint section, let us reveal you the rescue. Besides concealing deficiencies this foil may transform outdated furniture in brand new. Learn more about that:

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Colourful mood boosters

Home interior, 01.12.2014

White, beige and grey are great solutions for elegant home, but if you leave it all to them, the mood will literally be killed. For many years researches have showed that your mood is directly influenced by the colors in your surroundings. Now when the winter is so close, here is what you can do to […]

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