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Home interior

Budget-friendly ideas for living room redo

Home interior, 03.11.2014

Living room concentrates the domestic life in its cosy and beautiful chambers. Usually, the entire family gathers here and the guests are also received in this room. If you want to preserve the nice sensation of being home, you need to pay some extra attention to the living room. This means you need to refresh […]

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Where to place your houseplants – Feng Shui tips

Home interior, 30.10.2014

Balance and harmony are the basics of Feng Shui. Plants are really good helpers for achieving peace both at home and office. In addition to their ability to purify the air in the room, it is believed that they can remove any negative energy. See those useful Feng Shui tips for your house: – Cactus […]

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The weirdest items to use for DIY lamp!

Home interior, 27.10.2014

Creative home design has been suffering some changes these days. Instead of buying super expensive house items from the store, people begin using their old things to create new ones. Such an artistic approach into home arrangement and decoration is both – practical and quite original. Indeed, with the large abundance of interesting DIY projects, […]

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Simple studio interior for a student

Home interior, 24.10.2014

Student’s life might be tough. The main reason is usually the financial limits. They usually affect the lifestyle and mainly – the home arrangement. Most students today live in boarding schools and dormitories. Though, others are lucky to occupy their own flats. In most cases these homes are compact studios that accommodate the main home […]

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5 pretty patterns to use in your home

Home interior, 17.10.2014

Decoration and original designs make a house look like real home. And no matter how easy this process sounds, it is complex and artistic, which makes it quite difficult and serious. Except for choosing the right colours for a premise, as well as adding pieces for adorning, you can also consider patterns in the room […]

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How to set the table in a vintage style

Home interior, 13.10.2014

If there is a part of the house that you can fall in love at first sight, it is a vintage-style kitchen. Neutral colours, carefully designed details, floral motifs and beautiful metal decorations are the secrets of the popularity of the vintage décor. Here are some tips on how to set the table, if you […]

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