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Home interior

Smart decorating ideas to make your bathroom kid-friendly

Home interior, 06.10.2014

Bathroom is one of the “sacred” places inside the home and most people avoid taking away its aura by adapting it to their growing family. So bathroom remains sterile and… a bathroom. It’s not amazing that some children hate bathing in such serious and cold (in atmosphere) place. If your home is with just one […]

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Recommendations for picking up laminate nuance

Home interior, 29.09.2014

If you are looking for something practical and stylish for your home flooring, laminate is the best choice. Except for being so affordable and easy to be maintained during the years, the laminate floor has a wonderful sleek surface that will suit any interior. Though, with the growth of the laminate flooring market today you […]

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Mediterranean kitchen – features

Home interior, 22.09.2014

Morocco, Tuscany, Andalucía, Greece – do you know what is the common? No, it’s not a fancy cruise offer. That’s right, these four has two things in common – delicious food and the big water that lays between them. Of course Mediterranean coastline includes many other countries but these are exemplary when it comes to […]

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Invite Asia in your bedroom!

Home interior, 12.09.2014

Talking about Asian style we imagine a couple of basic definitions: simplicity, clarity, air, balance and tradition and not on last place – Zen. Bedroom is the room that is the root of our vital energy. This recreation place should be carefully planned and designed. But don’t think that the Asian style is just Zen. […]

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Dining style in new form

Home interior, 21.08.2014

Separate dining rooms in nowadays home are something rare. The more and more we fasten the pace of our lives, the more we lack time to prepare food and to carry around the house, to eat at certain place. But the entertaining at home is getting back as trend and to invite friends for dinner […]

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Frequent furnishing mistakes in the small flat

Home interior, 15.08.2014

Living in a small apartment is a destiny you can simply accept and live happily with. What you should not put up with, though, are all those errors that people adopt in small living spaces. Most of them narrow the domestic environment even more and some of them make it clumsy, inconvenient and not beautiful […]

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