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Cheap home improvements that will change your life

8 small but amazing home improvements to change your life

Housekeeping, 11.03.2016

Nowadays, there are thousands of items, that serve to improve your home. The market is flooded with various high-tech gadgets and you wonder which one to purchase and it it is really worth it. It’s true, that you don’t need a big part of these belongings, because you cope perfectly without them.

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Smart uses of flour at home

Housekeeping, 12.02.2016

A lot of people share the opinion that flour is used only in the kitchen – pancakes, bread and cookies. They are not wrong as we can make a lot of tasty things with its help. But, they are not aware of the fact that flour can be used in other tasks around your household. […]

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Cleaning machines you can give as a gift on a housewarming party

Housekeeping, 11.01.2016

A friend of yours has just moved to a new house and you are invited to a housewarming party? The etiquette requires you to buy a gift but you cannot decide what would be the most appropriate item? Well, why don’t you buy something practical instead of a souvenir or a useless decoration that might […]

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Ceramic knives – what you should know about them

Housekeeping, 04.01.2016

There are many types of ceramic knives, of any size and length, and with different prices. High quality knives come out more expensive, of course. You probably have at least one of those in your kitchen? Check out what you should know about them:

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The most modern heaters look like paintings on the wall

Housekeeping, 30.11.2015

Only a few years ago a new type of heater appeared on the market – it looks like a picture. It is made of carbon materials and has excellent thermal conduction properties. Check out more details:

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When do you need to wash various home items and clothes?

Housekeeping, 09.11.2015

Cleaning the house is an overwhelming job. A good housewife usually alone copes with everything, starting with clothes, through the phones and get to pet. How often to repeat the cleaning of the objects of everyday life? Check out more information:

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