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Check out these 5 natural household deodorizers!

Housekeeping, 19.10.2015

Sometimes bad smells are common thing for every home. No matter how much you clean and sanitise, there are cases when your home smells really bad. The reasons are multiple – mould, spoiled food under the cupboard, dusty carpets, dirty fridge. Every good housewife must know how to deodorise her home in a perfect way […]

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How to store spices

Housekeeping, 30.07.2015

Each part of housework has its basic rules. Spices are no exception. When it comes to them, the rules are not associated only with their use to the various dishes, but also with their adequate storage. Here they are:

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How to organize kitchen drawers

Housekeeping, 27.07.2015

The kitchen is, without a doubt, one of the most used areas in every household. So it makes sense to organize your kitchen in such way that it would be easier to use on everyday basis. In this article, you can see some really useful tips on how to organize your kitchen drawers in the […]

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Advantages of bamboo carpets

Housekeeping, 30.06.2015

You want to spice up your interior, but without any significant changes and a lot of money? The best in this case is to change the flooring. Why not remove the heavy carpets and put something light instead, made from natural materials such as bamboo rug, for example? It is very appropriate, especially in the […]

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Do you tell yourself these lies about organising?

Housekeeping, 15.12.2014

Do you have some trouble staying organised at your sweet home? Don’t worry and read carefully the following information. It may finally turn out that the problem is not your messy stuff, but you and your decluttering missteps. According to professional organizers, the most frequent lies people tell themselves about organising are the following:   

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Which home items to hide and cover before the beginning of the repairs?

Housekeeping, 24.11.2014

When you are about to make any repairs at home, you have to prepare the room which you are going to paint. The incomplete or incorrect preparation is a sure way to fail even before you start. On the other hand, the right one will save you both time and money. Here are our tips […]

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