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Washing powder or liquid detergent – which is better for your laundry

Housekeeping, 08.09.2014

Doing the laundry is one of the biggest domestic chores and it forms serious costs. More than twenty percent of the household’s water use comes from laundry. These days everybody is trying to be eco-friendly and to show some love to the planet. This is not a bad idea, having in mind that this will […]

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How to recognise the good housekeeper

Housekeeping, 04.09.2014

Good housekeeping isn’t a job; it’s a talent or a craft that some people have mastered for years. Even with their appearance they leave the impression that their whole life is organised and tidy. Probably you have some among your friends or colleagues; every time you go to visit their place everything is just as […]

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How bad habits reflect on home hygiene?

Housekeeping, 01.09.2014

Everyone has his own bad habits. No matter how hard we struggle with them, they are just part of our nature and life. However, there comes a time, when every bad habit does not reflect on your health and lifestyle only, but also on your family relationships, your home atmosphere and even your domestic life […]

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Decorate your home with extravagant art elements

Housekeeping, 17.07.2014

According to the dictionary extravagant is something beyond the limits of reason and the common sense. But if it is what makes us special and unique should we bereave ourselves from it? Believe it or not, these days it’s hard а person to be defined as extravagant. With all the people trying to get the […]

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Bring more comfort to your home

Housekeeping, 07.07.2014

Our home is our fortress but also our retreat. When we go home we want mainly to have rest and security. A couple of things can add a bit more comfort to your home, not some fancy big renovations or expensive appliances, just some little touches that will make the returning home even more desired. […]

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How to store your leather and suede goods

Housekeeping, 04.07.2014

Summer is already here, don’t you think it is time to pack your winter clothes and give a new life to all your colourful summer clothing? Leather and suede are popular materials that most of the people prefer for jackets, coats and other sorts of winter clothes. They look great and if you want to […]

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