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Fabrics that do not like fabric softener

Housekeeping, 23.05.2014

Fabric softeners are really stunning and helpful – especially when you want your clothes to smell like a paradise garden and to be soft enough for your delicate and sensitive skin. Though, there are items and to be more specific – fabrics – that may not like the ingredients of the fabric softener. Learn what […]

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How to unblock a sink

Housekeeping, 15.05.2014

Your sink is clogged! Again? For me and I believe it is true for most of the people, seeing a kitchen or a bathroom sink blocked is the most horrible thing, that can  totally ruin your perfect Sunday mood, for instance. The first thought that come to your mind when you see the dirty water […]

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House cleaning schedule including your family

Housekeeping, 10.05.2014

The cleaning time could be the scariest time, right! Especially provided that you are not alone in the house with your husband and the kids around. You start to think that more people mean more cleaning and less free time for fun. This is the sad truth, indeed. To turn this all around you may […]

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