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Temperature in the office

How to Beat Summer Heat in the Office?

Lifestyle, 04.07.2016

The Summer has finally arrived and you are happy you can put on lighter clothes, drink your favourite cocktails and spend the warm evenings camping or laying on a comfy beach chair. Summer is associated with all these positive experiences, but let’s get back to reality. If you have a full-time job, you can practice […]

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Get ready for the football season

How to prepare for the upcoming football season?

Lifestyle, 06.06.2016

The summer is just around the corner and the avid football fans are impatient to play their favourite game and gather together to watch important matches. All that sounds entertaining, but if you are in charge of keeping the house neat and clean, football season might not be your favourite part of the summer. Here […]

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Best ideas for Mother's Day gifts

Which are the best Mother’s Day surprises?

Lifestyle, 02.03.2016

Time seems never enough and we are always in a rush – going to work, taking care of household chores, going to the gym – generally being a full-time adult. However, there’s no legitimate excuse for not making you mother a surprise on Mother’s Day. Don’t get your mom a pair of mittens or a […]

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How to select an alarm clock

Lifestyle, 21.12.2015

The alarm of the clock wakes you up at a specific time every day. Most modern clocks, however, have a variety of features, such as a reminder. That can refer to the intake of medicine, for an event, for an important call to make, etc. But how to choose an alarm clock that is right […]

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Christmas at home or at a fancy restaurant – which one is better?

Lifestyle, 18.12.2015

Christmas is traditionally a family holiday, unlike New year’s Eve, for example, which can be spent with friends. Most people associate Christmas with cold weather, snow outside, a lot of lights and decorations. On the other hand, however, Christmas represents love, comfort and warmth at the family home. Where you should celebrate this bright Christian holiday? […]

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Laughing and babies

Lifestyle, 16.10.2015

Even before saying their first words, babies can laugh and can make their parents burst into laughter. But is this really a sign of its sense of humor?

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