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Picnic time – what do you need?

Lifestyle, 14.08.2015

The picnic is not just another lunch, but a way to release the tension. It allows us to touch nature with minimal effort, and to communicate freely. Therefore at a certain day and time, invite your friends and list everything you need.

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How to truly relax during vacation

Lifestyle, 10.08.2015

When was the last time you were on vacation and came back completely relaxed, refreshed and with new strength? Half the people in their own words return from vacation tired and exhausted. If you want to indulge in true relaxation away from work and everyday problems, try our tips:

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Annoying Habits Messy People Have

Lifestyle, 26.06.2015

If you are among those people who always want their home to be spick and span, but you live with someone who does not regard neatness and cleanliness as something really important, things get a bit difficult and the quarrels about neatness are really fierce. You keep asking them to try to keep the place […]

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Zoo at home – when pets are more than one

Lifestyle, 08.06.2015

More animals – more joy and care. Before you turn your home into a zoo, you should think very well about the huge responsibility. You have to be responsible to creatures and to yourself and ask yourself if you are ready for this challenge and unlimited commitment. The animals may be sick, you may have […]

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Don’t let personal emotions disturb your work

Lifestyle, 29.05.2015

The ability to feel is one of the best things. Sometimes, however, feelings and emotions at work are not something so useful. No matter how good as professionals we are, still in the first place we remain human beings. The question here is how not to let feelings disturb our work.

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Pain in the spine – causes and how to deal with it

Lifestyle, 25.05.2015

The reasons for back pain can be a lot – from innate feature of the skeleton to passed illness in childhood and injuries. The most common and prosaic, however, is incorrect posture. The problem deepens and becomes aesthetic – poor posture and bad health, because the spine is the main support of our bodies and […]

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