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Short guide of the noncommercial alcohol

Lifestyle, 22.05.2015

In many countries exist alcohol beverages that are not sold in the shops but they are put on the table whenever party time comes. What are these and how they are made? Can you made them on your own?

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Refresh yourself with cherries

Lifestyle, 18.05.2015

Who doesn’t love cherries? They are super sweet and there are some sour strains but they are all full of healthy nutrition.  There are many scientific researches that have proven the health benefits cherries bring. They are in the group of superfoods, their deep red colour comes from the antioxidants that help lower cholesterol. You […]

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Diagnosis: Dependence from candy

Lifestyle, 30.04.2015

Are you addicted to sweet foods? You just can’t exist without chocolate? Welcome to the club, this article is exactly for you. For a start we have to understand what is this addiction to sweet and why you can not comfortably exist without it.

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The amazing benefits of Rooibos

Lifestyle, 27.04.2015

Rooibos is often called red tea, but in reality it has little to do with black, green and white ones, which are prepared from the leaves of the tea bush (Camellia sinensis). Instead of dried leaves, it consists of needles, and its taste is not acerb, but sweet, reminding of strawberries and exotic spices. Learn […]

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Computer mouse syndrome – what’s that?

Lifestyle, 24.04.2015

Computer mouse syndrome is a problem with muscles that control the arm. It’s called syndrome, because it is the sum of several potential causes and effects – diffuse pain in the palm, fingers and shoulder, starting and enhanced by activities related to the work with the computer mouse. Learn more:

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How to deal with laziness?

Lifestyle, 20.04.2015

What is actually the reason for laziness? The reasons can be various. One of them is the habit. To break this vicious circle in which laziness only leads to greater laziness, you must first be honest with yourself. Remember all the possibilities in your life that you missed or ruined by omission – the university, […]

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