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London Events

New Year’s Eve fireworks – an exciting light fairy

London Events, 27.12.2014

Only those who have already watched live these festive fireworks, know what we are talking about. Yeah, New Year’s Eve fireworks – it’s sparkling, delightful and magical. Londoners are really lucky people, don’t you think. Except the wide variety of festive events around Christmas and the fantastic decoration of the city, they have this incomparable […]

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BBC Good Food Show – the tastiest event in November

London Events, 13.11.2014

What could be the cold November days without a cup of hot tea and plenty of tasty food? Probably, London and the entire UK cannot even imagine that this could happen. And it will not, because the BBC Good Food Show is about to rock your tasty preferences just in few days. Well, considering the […]

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Do you love cocktails? Enjoy London Cocktail Week!

London Events, 03.10.2014

Are you a drink lover? Do you need more cocktails to have hotter, nicer and more remarkable night out in London? Well, your time has come, because the well-known scenario from the 1988-year Hollywood movie “Cocktail” with Tom Cruise is about to become a reality in the best cocktail bars across the British Capital. The […]

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London Vegan Beer Fest – cheers!

London Events, 10.07.2014

Feeling truly green recently? Wondering how to enhance your eco-friendly lifestyle and still need a little bit summer entertaining positive emotions combined with fun? We have a great suggestion for you! Visit the upcoming London Vegan Beer Fest in London! Stunning surprises, awesome show and real beer made of natural products for vegans only are […]

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Museums at Night in London

London Events, 13.05.2014

What could be better than spending lots of time in sightseeing among London? Doing it at night! Yes, we are talking about the favorite and so awaited event of Museums at Night in London! Even if you have thought that visiting galleries and watching ancient artifacts is boring, this experience will change your mind.

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