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Tips and tricks

Prepare your garden for spring

Is your garden ready for spring? Follow these 10 easy steps!

Tips and tricks, 03.05.2016

With the end of cold days, it’s about time to think about cleaning and refreshing your garden. Weeding and mulching may not be the most fun part of spring activities, but they are very important and you should not miss them. Just think about how beautiful your garden will look after you take a good […]

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Painting of your walls all by yourself – essential mistakes

Tips and tricks, 29.01.2016

Maybe you are brave enough to start painting your walls all by yourself? This enthusiasm may  really help you achieve great results as well as failing really bad. However, don’t lose hope – everyone makes mistakes. Even if it is your first time just try avoiding the most common mistakes and you will not regret […]

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How to grow orchids at home – smart tips

Tips and tricks, 25.01.2016

Orchid is one of the most delightful plants you can have at your home. They are not expensive and usually easy to take care of. Your patience may be rewarded with a whole bunch of gorgeous blossoms beautifying your living room. Here are some tips you may find useful.

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How to choose a new dishwasher

Tips and tricks, 13.11.2015

Dishwasher in every home is an investment that facilitates the housewife so much. However, before you proceed with the purchase of this equipment, you should get to know what the market offers. Check out more details:

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How the Pomodoro technique improves your productivity

Tips and tricks, 23.09.2015

First of all, what is Pomodoro technique? Well, it is a technique of dividing your work in 25 minutes of high intensity work followed by 3-5 minutes of break. You can buy the original apple-shaped Pomodoro timer (pommes means apple in French) or just use a regular kitchen timer. Now imagine that you are at […]

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Smart tips when you cook potatoes

Tips and tricks, 18.09.2015

Do you love to cook potatoes? Check out these smart tips and make them even more tasty:

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