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Tips and tricks

Baby photography at home – tips

Tips and tricks, 07.09.2015

If you want wonderful photos of your baby, it’s not necessary every time to turn to professional photographer to do the best pictures. Take a camera, get the little one ready for the photo session and follow these tips for baby photography:

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Flat or house which one is better – advantages and disadvantages

Tips and tricks, 03.08.2015

Once you have a family the other important step is to buy a home. Now, the big question is do you want a house or a flat? If we put the price factor aside, there are still a lot of pros and cons for both options. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of […]

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How to choose the best oven in the store – Tips

Shopping for a new oven can be a very time consuming and overwhelming experience for you. The key for dealing with this type of situations is being armed with knowledge. The days when there were basically two options in the stores are long gone. Back then, you had to choose between gas ovens with gas […]

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Tips for quick and easy ironing

Tips and tricks, 16.07.2015

Most of the modern fabrics do not require ironing. But there are clothes that simply cannot be worn, if they are not precisely ironed. These are mostly male pants and shirts, as well as girls’ skirts. The most important condition for good and fast ironing is the perfect organization. In this respect, check out our […]

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Forgotten properties of Epsom salts

Tips and tricks, 08.05.2015

Epsom salts is actually magnesium sulfate. Its name comes from the town of Epsom, where there are mineral springs, from which for the first time this substance has been extracted. Learn more details about the features of Epsom salts:

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DIY noise isolating for the ceiling

Tips and tricks, 06.03.2015

The ceiling to one is the floor to another. Therefore it is essential to be well sound-proven and isolated. We may not be willing to spend a lot of money on that project but there is still a reasonable solution for that.

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