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Tips and tricks

Children and TV – parents tips

Tips and tricks, 04.03.2015

If you are a parent, perhaps you have problems with your kids and TV. Usually, children are attracted by TV and if you don’t control what they watch and how long they watch TV, you may have some problems. Check out our tips:

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4 Problem-Solving Products—for Parents!

Tips and tricks, 23.02.2015

It is not easy to be a parent nowadays – too many products on the market to chose from. It can be hard to know which one will be useful and which one is just a waste of money. Here are the top 4 most useful and problem solving products.

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The noisy home syndrome and its solutions

Tips and tricks, 20.02.2015

We live in a noisy world. Fast roaring trucks, load outdoor music, arguing neighbors: these are just some of the many noises disturbing our contemporary accommodations. And while it is almost never possible to influence the external noise factors, there are still some things we can consider when furnishing a home. Keep in mind those […]

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4 tips for avoiding renovation mistakes

Tips and tricks, 21.10.2014

Making some home renovation plans is something we all can do. However, achieving the goals we make out takes a serious attitude and attention. Being active, bold, flexible and skilful will bring you double success. Though, there are also some things you need to avoid on mandatory. Most of the following things we will list […]

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What to start the repairs with – tips for each room!

Tips and tricks, 15.09.2014

Repairs at home require to be finely organised, precisely handled and fulfilled entirely. All of these lead to the conclusion that you need a good plan. It will show you how to act – from A to B – and how to perform the entire DIY renovation project without even using professional services. And the […]

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Back to school – tips for kids and parents

Tips and tricks, 25.08.2014

When the summer heat is going away, nostalgic smiles appear on the faces of everybody thinking about the sun, the summer nights and endless games in forests, fields and beaches. Some people take the change from hot summer to rainy autumn easily, but for some the transition from careless play and lying on the sun […]

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