End of lease cleaning – important details

End of lease cleaningThe end of tenancy cleaning is not only comprehensive and super deep sanitising procedure. It’s also accompanied by many organising projects and specific features. The most important condition is to restore the flawless hygiene via thorough domestic cleaning operation. The property must be ready for the new tenants and it must look just the way it was when you moved in.

After all the deep disinfecting, all that matters is your landlord’s satisfaction. For this purpose long-lasting mopping and scrubbing is needed. There are really exigent lessors, so be prepared for eventual black marks.

However, all sanitising procedures must be completed with diligence and attention to details. When it comes to details in end of lease cleaning, read carefully these tips and do your best in order to receive your tenancy deposit back:

     – Pay attention to carpets and refresh the upholstery.When it comes to filthy carpets, professional companies apply steam and dry sanitising techniques. Be diligent in order to make your dusty carpet look like professionally cleaned. Regarding the upholstery, bad smell and stain removal is crucial. In addition, cleaning with vinegar and baking soda plus sanitising with lemon juice is good idea.

     – Disinfect your furniture inside out. Perform gentle wiping and dust removal. After that, take all items and souvenirs down and clean them, as well. Finally, you can sanitise the cabinets. If you find all these household chores tedious, call the local end of tenancy cleaners and relax!

     – Don’t forget to wipe little interior parts. These are light switches, door frames, sills and ledges of windows, sockets, door handles. Tenants often forget these small details, but they also get dirty as the time goes by.

     – Floor cleaning – it is essential to welcome your strict landlord in rooms where floor surfaces are flawlessly cleaned. Therefore, using the broom is not enough to achieve gorgeous results. Mopping your floors with mild detergent is recommended. If the flooring is covered with carpets or rugs, vacuum cleaning must be also accomplished.