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Cover the cables in creative ways

Home interior, 28.08.2015

Out and in your home, you have plenty of cables – for the Internet, for the electricity, for charging and providing various other services. Sometimes these cables can be unpleasant, irritating or even dangerous. Decide if you want to hide them or to make them a part of the decoration of your home and get […]

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Home lighting – smart tips

Home interior, 24.08.2015

Although often overlooked, lighting is one of the main elements of the interior. Proper light is essential for comfort, rest and productivity of the residents. However, we should not think about lighting only as necessary thing. The skillful play of light and shadow can create a variety of decorative effects and to transform the premises. […]

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Patchwork style – sunny smile in your home

Home interior, 21.08.2015

Colorful Patchwork style is for those of you who want to fulfill their homes with color and positivity. The technique itself is a composition of small or large patches. The final result is always unique and so boundless as your own imagination. Here are more details:

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Budgies – true friends at home

Lifestyle, 18.08.2015

If your pets are budgies you want them to be happy, right? So, you should provide them enough space for life and movement. So, buy the biggest possible cage. They will feel more comfortable. For budgies direct contact with owners is very important, so be sure to put their cage at a higher level, best […]

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Picnic time – what do you need?

Lifestyle, 14.08.2015

The picnic is not just another lunch, but a way to release the tension. It allows us to touch nature with minimal effort, and to communicate freely. Therefore at a certain day and time, invite your friends and list everything you need.

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How to truly relax during vacation

Lifestyle, 10.08.2015

When was the last time you were on vacation and came back completely relaxed, refreshed and with new strength? Half the people in their own words return from vacation tired and exhausted. If you want to indulge in true relaxation away from work and everyday problems, try our tips:

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