Home lighting – smart tips

Home interior
Although often overlooked, lighting is one of the main elements of the interior. Proper light is essential for comfort, rest and productivity of the residents. However, we should not think about lighting only as necessary thing. The skillful play of light and shadow can create a variety of decorative effects and to transform the premises. When designing lighting many questions need an answer - what lighting to choose, how many sources of light and where to put them? Above all, we must determine the amount of light we will need for individual rooms. Here are more details: (more…)
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Budgies – true friends at home

If your pets are budgies you want them to be happy, right? So, you should provide them enough space for life and movement. So, buy the biggest possible cage. They will feel more comfortable. For budgies direct contact with owners is very important, so be sure to put their cage at a higher level, best in the living room where the whole family gathers. If you do not want them to wake you up early in the morning, in the evening cover the cage with a thin sheet. Here are more details: (more…)
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Declutter your car in 6 easy steps

Cleaning Tips
Do you regard your car as a closet where you store more or less useful items that you consider necessary? If you do, don’t be surprised that the back seat is so stuffed that you basically cannot offer a ride to more than one person. If you think it is time for a thorough cleanup, you’d better read the lines below as they might give you a better idea about the most efficient methods for car decluttering. (more…)
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