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Important tips for furnishing your new home

Home interior, 13.07.2015

In order to make your new home more cheerful and welcoming, you should select appropriate furniture and items. That may not always be an easy task and that is why you need some tips – here they are:

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3 tricks to control pet hair around your home

Cleaning secrets, 06.07.2015

As every pet owner you probably regard your cat or dog as a member of the family and take good care of them. However, having a pet is not only taking it for a walk or buying food and toys from the pet store. It is a responsibility you have to be prepared for. If […]

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Advantages of bamboo carpets

Housekeeping, 30.06.2015

You want to spice up your interior, but without any significant changes and a lot of money? The best in this case is to change the flooring. Why not remove the heavy carpets and put something light instead, made from natural materials such as bamboo rug, for example? It is very appropriate, especially in the […]

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Annoying Habits Messy People Have

Lifestyle, 26.06.2015

If you are among those people who always want their home to be spick and span, but you live with someone who does not regard neatness and cleanliness as something really important, things get a bit difficult and the quarrels about neatness are really fierce. You keep asking them to try to keep the place […]

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How to choose a bedside cabinet

Home interior, 22.06.2015

Not every bedroom features a bedside cabinet, but it’s no secret that having it is a real convenience. What kind of night table to choose, according to the design of your bedroom and your needs? Check out our suggestions:

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Household appliances second hand – pros and cons

Tenant living, 19.06.2015

It turns out that the purchase of household appliances second hand is increasingly common nowadays. There are even special stores with such goods. But just as anything else, it has its pros and cons. We have weighed them for you – check out:

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