3 tricks to control pet hair around your home

Cleaning secrets
As every pet owner you probably regard your cat or dog as a member of the family and take good care of them. However, having a pet is not only taking it for a walk or buying food and toys from the pet store. It is a responsibility you have to be prepared for. If you are not willing to clean up the mess or have your precious sofa a bit damaged, then, you should think twice before getting a furry friend. (more…)
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Advantages of bamboo carpets

You want to spice up your interior, but without any significant changes and a lot of money? The best in this case is to change the flooring. Why not remove the heavy carpets and put something light instead, made from natural materials such as bamboo rug, for example? It is very appropriate, especially in the summer. Meet the main advantages of the bamboo rugs: (more…)
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Annoying Habits Messy People Have

If you are among those people who always want their home to be spick and span, but you live with someone who does not regard neatness and cleanliness as something really important, things get a bit difficult and the quarrels about neatness are really fierce. You keep asking them to try to keep the place as tidy as possible so when you invite a friend to come over you are not ashamed by the clutter and the thick layer of dirt on the furniture. Your requests probably have a sporadic effect as it is difficult to make someone who is not used to keep a place clean tidy up after themselves. Here are the most annoying habits messy people have: (more…)
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