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How to choose a bedside cabinet

Home interior, 22.06.2015

Not every bedroom features a bedside cabinet, but it’s no secret that having it is a real convenience. What kind of night table to choose, according to the design of your bedroom and your needs? Check out our suggestions:

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Household appliances second hand – pros and cons

Tenant living, 19.06.2015

It turns out that the purchase of household appliances second hand is increasingly common nowadays. There are even special stores with such goods. But just as anything else, it has its pros and cons. We have weighed them for you – check out:

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Check out these extravagant beds

Home interior, 15.06.2015

A person spends almost one third of his or her life in the bed. That explains why its right choice is of the utmost importance. Designers today are trying not just to create beautiful and extravagant beds, but those who can be sold for thousands of dollars. Here are some of those unique beds:

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6 home items you should not keep anymore

Categories, 12.06.2015

If you often think that you have to make some radical changes at home, then the following lines will be helpful for you. Check out our list of items that you should not keep at home anymore:

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Zoo at home – when pets are more than one

Lifestyle, 08.06.2015

More animals – more joy and care. Before you turn your home into a zoo, you should think very well about the huge responsibility. You have to be responsible to creatures and to yourself and ask yourself if you are ready for this challenge and unlimited commitment. The animals may be sick, you may have […]

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Application of paper in the interior

Home interior, 05.06.2015

Paper is a remarkable material. Except that it has a rich history, even today, in a whole variety of products of industry, it is all around us. Here are more details on the topic:

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