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Pain in the spine – causes and how to deal with it

Lifestyle, 25.05.2015

The reasons for back pain can be a lot – from innate feature of the skeleton to passed illness in childhood and injuries. The most common and prosaic, however, is incorrect posture. The problem deepens and becomes aesthetic – poor posture and bad health, because the spine is the main support of our bodies and […]

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Short guide of the noncommercial alcohol

Lifestyle, 22.05.2015

In many countries exist alcohol beverages that are not sold in the shops but they are put on the table whenever party time comes. What are these and how they are made? Can you made them on your own?

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Refresh yourself with cherries

Lifestyle, 18.05.2015

Who doesn’t love cherries? They are super sweet and there are some sour strains but they are all full of healthy nutrition. ¬†There are many scientific researches that have proven the health benefits cherries bring. They are in the group of superfoods, their deep red colour comes from the antioxidants that help lower cholesterol. You […]

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Best ways to use the garage if you don’t own a car

Home interior, 15.05.2015

Garage is the most convenient storage space for things that you don’t want to see anymore but you also cannot find strength to throw away. Can’t it be more useful?! If you don’t have a car and there is no corpse there, you may give it a good clean up and prepare a renovation.

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How To Remove The Bad Odour From Home Easily And Successfully?

Cleaning Tips, 11.05.2015

Besides the stains and the bacteria, there is something else you need to get rid at home, if you want it to be fresh, stylish and welcoming. We are speaking of the bad odour and its elimination must be one of your agenda tasks during the daily domestic cleaning¬† procedure. The disgusting smells might origin […]

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Forgotten properties of Epsom salts

Tips and tricks, 08.05.2015

Epsom salts is actually magnesium sulfate. Its name comes from the town of Epsom, where there are mineral springs, from which for the first time this substance has been extracted. Learn more details about the features of Epsom salts:

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