Refresh yourself with cherries

Who doesn't love cherries? They are super sweet and there are some sour strains but they are all full of healthy nutrition.  There are many scientific researches that have proven the health benefits cherries bring. They are in the group of superfoods, their deep red colour comes from the antioxidants that help lower cholesterol. You can make a delicious dessert or just mix them with yogurt. They are a great choice in the hot summer days. Here are some tips and recipes: (more…)
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How To Remove The Bad Odour From Home Easily And Successfully?

Cleaning Tips
Besides the stains and the bacteria, there is something else you need to get rid at home, if you want it to be fresh, stylish and welcoming. We are speaking of the bad odour and its elimination must be one of your agenda tasks during the daily domestic cleaning  procedure. The disgusting smells might origin from many different sources, but always remember that a home place that is rarely sanitized and aired will eventually absorb a constant smell you will not like at all. So make sure, you are regular in your house cleaning Clapham and pay attention at our next tips for easy and successful bad odour removal from a home now! (more…)
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Most Common Stain Removal Tips For Healthier Living Space

Cleaning secrets
Home carpets are like magnets for stains. It`s like a curse to get yourself a new carpet and split a glass of red wine all over it – especially if the fibers are white. And it is like a logical consequence in life, when once you take your rug back from the professional rug cleaners, you get a urine spot surprise from your kitty or a grass pattern of blurs from your kids...Stains are completely normal. And it is even more normal to remove them from your rug more often than from anything else among your domestic living space. But if you are well-prepared with the necessary knowledge and detergents, you can manage the domestic cleaning London with an ease! Here is our ultimate guide for the knowledge part. See the…
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