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How To Remove The Bad Odour From Home Easily And Successfully?

Cleaning Tips, 11.05.2015

Besides the stains and the bacteria, there is something else you need to get rid at home, if you want it to be fresh, stylish and welcoming. We are speaking of the bad odour and its elimination must be one of your agenda tasks during the daily domestic cleaning  procedure. The disgusting smells might origin […]

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Forgotten properties of Epsom salts

Tips and tricks, 08.05.2015

Epsom salts is actually magnesium sulfate. Its name comes from the town of Epsom, where there are mineral springs, from which for the first time this substance has been extracted. Learn more details about the features of Epsom salts:

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Most Common Stain Removal Tips For Healthier Living Space

Cleaning secrets, 04.05.2015

Home carpets are like magnets for stains. It`s like a curse to get yourself a new carpet and split a glass of red wine all over it – especially if the fibers are white. And it is like a logical consequence in life, when once you take your rug back from the professional rug cleaners, […]

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Diagnosis: Dependence from candy

Lifestyle, 30.04.2015

Are you addicted to sweet foods? You just can’t exist without chocolate? Welcome to the club, this article is exactly for you. For a start we have to understand what is this addiction to sweet and why you can not comfortably exist without it.

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The amazing benefits of Rooibos

Lifestyle, 27.04.2015

Rooibos is often called red tea, but in reality it has little to do with black, green and white ones, which are prepared from the leaves of the tea bush (Camellia sinensis). Instead of dried leaves, it consists of needles, and its taste is not acerb, but sweet, reminding of strawberries and exotic spices. Learn […]

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Computer mouse syndrome – what’s that?

Lifestyle, 24.04.2015

Computer mouse syndrome is a problem with muscles that control the arm. It’s called syndrome, because it is the sum of several potential causes and effects – diffuse pain in the palm, fingers and shoulder, starting and enhanced by activities related to the work with the computer mouse. Learn more:

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