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Spring comes with sour dock

Lifestyle, 20.03.2015

Sour dock is one of the earliest spring vegetables appearing after the cold winter. And this is not by accident. Our body needs a lot of vitamins, which can be loaded again after exhausting cold months. And nature has thought about giving us sour dock. It gives us the required dose of freshness. This fresh […]

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Let’s debunk some beauty myths!

Lifestyle, 16.03.2015

Do you believe in all beauty tips and hacks? And did you know that there are dozens of lies among these recommendations for beauty? But let’s look at some of the most common:

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Your mental models create your future

Lifestyle, 13.03.2015

There is one simple truth – the thoughts determine the type of person. By changing your thoughts or mental models, you can change your life. Do the following exercise: Answer these questions:

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Fish Spa – modern and useful

Lifestyle, 09.03.2015

Garra rufa fish are carp species and live in warm fresh water. Their natural environment are the rivers Tigris, Euphrates and Jordan. The discovery of their healing properties occurred accidentally in Turkey in the early 20th century, but their introduction as spa procedure comes from Japan decades later – only in the new millennium. First, […]

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DIY noise isolating for the ceiling

Tips and tricks, 06.03.2015

The ceiling to one is the floor to another. Therefore it is essential to be well sound-proven and isolated. We may not be willing to spend a lot of money on that project but there is still a reasonable solution for that.

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Children and TV – parents tips

Tips and tricks, 04.03.2015

If you are a parent, perhaps you have problems with your kids and TV. Usually, children are attracted by TV and if you don’t control what they watch and how long they watch TV, you may have some problems. Check out our tips:

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