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Diet at your workplace – is it possible?

Lifestyle, 12.02.2015

On holiday and weekends you can strictly observe your diet and move constantly, in brief – have time and the result is not delayed. But in normal everyday life – with its fixed time and limited opportunities, dieting seems completely incompatible. And we add the lack of time and we just come to give up. […]

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6 friends, which every mother needs

Lifestyle, 09.02.2015

The fact, that you became parents, does not mean that you should limit your social contacts or forget your friends and family. See 6 types of friends, which every new mother needs:

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Shower curtain – pros and cons

Home interior, 06.02.2015

Curtain in the bathroom is a practical accessory. For many households, it is a relatively inexpensive way to form a shower or bath space and to hold water in it. Some people deny its profits. So, let’s take a look at both – pros and cons.

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Smart ideas for sweet handcrafted Valentine’s day decorations

Lifestyle, 02.02.2015

Don’t you think, that it will be wonderful to make some handcrafted decorations and gifts in order to have a great celebration of St. Valentine’s Day? This way you will express your love and you will surprise your better half. Check out these wonderful suggestions:

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Furniture-foil – great idea for refreshing old furniture

Home interior, 30.01.2015

Furniture foil is particularly economical and practical way to refurbish old furniture at home. If you are already tired of watching scratched countertops, husked refrigerator or faded paint section, let us reveal you the rescue. Besides concealing deficiencies this foil may transform outdated furniture in brand new. Learn more about that:

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The way of dancing reveals our personality

Lifestyle, 27.01.2015

The way you move on the dance floor, can reveal a lot about what personality you are. Your movements only at first glance seem spontaneous. Behind them hidden features of your character are seen. The way of dancing makes you more or less extroverted, closed or distanced. Specialists have analyzed the movements of dancers amateurs, […]

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