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Best ideas for Mother's Day gifts

Which are the best Mother’s Day surprises?

Lifestyle, 02.03.2016

Time seems never enough and we are always in a rush – going to work, taking care of household chores, going to the gym – generally being a full-time adult. However, there’s no legitimate excuse for not making you mother a surprise on Mother’s Day. Don’t get your mom a pair of mittens or a […]

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Practical uses of your toothbrush beside from cleaning your teeth!

Cleaning Tips, 26.02.2016

Don’t rush to toss your old toothbrush – yes, it’s main purpose is to clean your teeth but it can be great for a wide range of other household tasks. From applying hair dye to cleaning your bike chain, there are a lot of useful hacks you can learn. Read on and check them out!

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How to spice up your walls without spending a fortune

Home interior, 15.02.2016

Maybe you are bored with the present colour of your walls. Usually to renovate the whole house is an expensive procedure and it will shrink your budget for sure. Below are listed few ideas you may found helpful in order to spice up your walls without spending a fortune. Read on.

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Smart uses of flour at home

Housekeeping, 12.02.2016

A lot of people share the opinion that flour is used only in the kitchen – pancakes, bread and cookies. They are not wrong as we can make a lot of tasty things with its help. But, they are not aware of the fact that flour can be used in other tasks around your household. […]

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Never put these kitchen items in the dishwasher

Cleaning secrets, 08.02.2016

You surely love your dishwasher as it saves you hundreds of hours a year from doing the dishes. We all know that this is not among the most pleasant cleaning tasks at home so you should at least take proper care for your true assistant. Read on to see which items you should never put […]

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Things you should definitely have in your bedroom

Home interior, 05.02.2016

You will spend a decent amount of hours of your life in you bedroom. Having this in mind you should provide yourself with the most comfortable environment and make sure you sleep tight. Read on and see some of these things that you may be missing.

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