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3 reasons to go to work walking or by bicycle

Lifestyle, 23.01.2015

Is your job very far from your home? If not, have you ever thought to change the bus or the car with your bike? Thus you will have an excuse to buy those expensive and fantastic sneakers. Or you may purchase the bike of your dreams – with basket, bell and everything else, so you […]

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3 key skills that your life depends on

Lifestyle, 19.01.2015

Life has no purpose, but we the people, we have a goal. Every situation, every coincidence are opportunities to build yourself, as the individual you have to be. The only question is to take the chances, to express your ideas and to undertake the necessary actions. Here are 3 key skills that will help you […]

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3 efficient methods to curb sugar cravings

Lifestyle, 15.01.2015

It seems that sugar is contained in so many common foods, that it becomes super difficult to avoid the sweetener. Perhaps it often happens to you to crave for something sweet and to eat chocolate, muffins and other treats. Here below you will find some proven methods to succeed in nipping all those pesky cravings […]

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10 methods to raise a spoiled kid – see what NOT to do! Part 2

Lifestyle, 12.01.2015

So, here we are again. We continue with 5 more parent mistakes which lead to raising spoiled children. Be careful and avoid these methods in order to abstain from bringing up spoiled child that will soon become a spoiled adult. This person will have problems in maintaining a spouse, friendship and a job.

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10 methods to raise a spoiled kid – see what NOT to do! Part 1

Lifestyle, 09.01.2015

What do you imagine when you hear “spoiled child? A full room of expensive toys? No. Actually, it’s not the pricey possessions that make a kid skittish, but its behaviors. Experts claim that spoiled children are unreasonable, self-centered and very demanding. It may be easier to get along with these kids, but when you do […]

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3 distinctive habits of good listeners

Lifestyle, 05.01.2015

Do you have a friend who is a good listener? Actually listening is a real art and not everybody masters it. For some of you qualitative listening may seem an effortless task, but it’s not. In fact, mindful listening may become a real challenge, because it requires excellent concentration. Here below, you will find a […]

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