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Do you tell yourself these lies about organising?

Housekeeping, 15.12.2014

Do you have some trouble staying organised at your sweet home? Don’t worry and read carefully the following information. It may finally turn out that the problem is not your messy stuff, but you and your decluttering missteps. According to professional organizers, the most frequent lies people tell themselves about organising are the following:   

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Holiday Tipping Checklist – who and how much?

Lifestyle, 12.12.2014

Winter holidays are approaching and you have to think about so many things. Except all the home decoration and meal preparation, you have to find the answer of one more question. How much is normal to tip during the upcoming Christmas holidays and who are the people that deserve little gifts, proving your respect. You […]

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8 hacks to survive this chilly, freezing Winter – Part 2

Lifestyle, 08.12.2014

Are you waiting forward for the second portion of our smart life hacks for surviving Winter chilly weather? Well, we’ve prepared them, especially for you. Read carefully, while you are staying at your comfy, warm dwelling!

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8 hacks to survive this chilly, freezing Winter – Part 1

Lifestyle, 05.12.2014

Frosty weather is already here and you have to prepare to survive it the best possible way. Everyone finds his own way to bundle up in preparation for the miserable season. Actually, experts offer you some life hacks which will help you to keep warm until refreshing Spring season comes. Concentrate and apply these tips […]

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Colourful mood boosters

Home interior, 01.12.2014

White, beige and grey are great solutions for elegant home, but if you leave it all to them, the mood will literally be killed. For many years researches have showed that your mood is directly influenced by the colors in your surroundings. Now when the winter is so close, here is what you can do to […]

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Top hobbies of the contemporary woman

Lifestyle, 28.11.2014

Modern women of 21st century are completely reserved. They are either shy, or feckless any more. On the contrary, they have grabbed life in their own hands. This helped them overcome their last issues or worries. And they today, they are all in one – great mums, perfect lovers, successful professionals and beautiful creators. How do […]

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