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Which home items to hide and cover before the beginning of the repairs?

Housekeeping, 24.11.2014

When you are about to make any repairs at home, you have to prepare the room which you are going to paint. The incomplete or incorrect preparation is a sure way to fail even before you start. On the other hand, the right one will save you both time and money. Here are our tips […]

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7 people a woman needs in her life

Lifestyle, 17.11.2014

We all have a big list of important people we cannot live without. Some females are more connected with their moms, but others prefer to have a dog and to share with it everything – from all the love disappointments till the jogging area in the neighbourhood. According to a recent research, though, these are […]

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BBC Good Food Show – the tastiest event in November

London Events, 13.11.2014

What could be the cold November days without a cup of hot tea and plenty of tasty food? Probably, London and the entire UK cannot even imagine that this could happen. And it will not, because the BBC Good Food Show is about to rock your tasty preferences just in few days. Well, considering the […]

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How to clean your fridge thoroughly – manual

Cleaning Tips, 10.11.2014

Although your kitchen looks tidy from the outside – dishes washed, scrubbed floors, there is one place that deserves special attention, and this is your fridge! Оpen box of milk, food remnants, half-empty boxes … It’s not pleasant, but it happens to everyone. As an experienced and reliable company, Nice and Clean London gives you […]

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Cleaning techniques to reconsider

Cleaning Tips, 06.11.2014

Having a strict plan for cleaning – on a daily basis or in every deep sanitising procedure per season – is good. Following an organised and perfectly prepared checklist with specific chores gives you a high advantage to end up with stunning results. Though, there might be parts of your regular approaches into home disinfection […]

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