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How to set the table in a vintage style

Home interior, 13.10.2014

If there is a part of the house that you can fall in love at first sight, it is a vintage-style kitchen. Neutral colours, carefully designed details, floral motifs and beautiful metal decorations are the secrets of the popularity of the vintage décor. Here are some tips on how to set the table, if you […]

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Healthy rest is also important

Lifestyle, 10.10.2014

Since kindergarten children have been thought that to grow up healthy, there should be a regime that consists of activity and rest. But how to get healthy rest when you are grown up with a lot of stress and bunch of problems? There are a couple of things that you can do to prevent stress […]

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Smart decorating ideas to make your bathroom kid-friendly

Home interior, 06.10.2014

Bathroom is one of the “sacred” places inside the home and most people avoid taking away its aura by adapting it to their growing family. So bathroom remains sterile and… a bathroom. It’s not amazing that some children hate bathing in such serious and cold (in atmosphere) place. If your home is with just one […]

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Do you love cocktails? Enjoy London Cocktail Week!

London Events, 03.10.2014

Are you a drink lover? Do you need more cocktails to have hotter, nicer and more remarkable night out in London? Well, your time has come, because the well-known scenario from the 1988-year Hollywood movie “Cocktail” with Tom Cruise is about to become a reality in the best cocktail bars across the British Capital. The […]

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Recommendations for picking up laminate nuance

Home interior, 29.09.2014

If you are looking for something practical and stylish for your home flooring, laminate is the best choice. Except for being so affordable and easy to be maintained during the years, the laminate floor has a wonderful sleek surface that will suit any interior. Though, with the growth of the laminate flooring market today you […]

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Healthy diet for your children

Lifestyle, 26.09.2014

Healthy eating is extremely important for the right upbringing and development of the children – both in body and in mind. In our daily routine we often skip meal or eat the first fast unhealthy solution that we find. With children you cannot do this (you can, but better don’t, because it may cause long-lasting […]

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