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Washing powder or liquid detergent – which is better for your laundry

Housekeeping, 08.09.2014

Doing the laundry is one of the biggest domestic chores and it forms serious costs. More than twenty percent of the household’s water use comes from laundry. These days everybody is trying to be eco-friendly and to show some love to the planet. This is not a bad idea, having in mind that this will […]

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How to recognise the good housekeeper

Housekeeping, 04.09.2014

Good housekeeping isn’t a job; it’s a talent or a craft that some people have mastered for years. Even with their appearance they leave the impression that their whole life is organised and tidy. Probably you have some among your friends or colleagues; every time you go to visit their place everything is just as […]

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How bad habits reflect on home hygiene?

Housekeeping, 01.09.2014

Everyone has his own bad habits. No matter how hard we struggle with them, they are just part of our nature and life. However, there comes a time, when every bad habit does not reflect on your health and lifestyle only, but also on your family relationships, your home atmosphere and even your domestic life […]

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Back to school – tips for kids and parents

Tips and tricks, 25.08.2014

When the summer heat is going away, nostalgic smiles appear on the faces of everybody thinking about the sun, the summer nights and endless games in forests, fields and beaches. Some people take the change from hot summer to rainy autumn easily, but for some the transition from careless play and lying on the sun […]

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Dining style in new form

Home interior, 21.08.2014

Separate dining rooms in nowadays home are something rare. The more and more we fasten the pace of our lives, the more we lack time to prepare food and to carry around the house, to eat at certain place. But the entertaining at home is getting back as trend and to invite friends for dinner […]

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What housekeeping rules to forget in office cleaning?

Cleaning Tips, 18.08.2014

Working among a fresh and hygienic environment should be a top priority for any boss and office manager. However, most of today’s companies and average firms has put this obligation over their employees’ shoulders. There is nothing bad in this, if the company has run out all of its money for social improvement in the […]

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