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How to make easily floating shelves

Home interior, 04.08.2014

Storage space at home is never enough and some items can’t just be stored. Books, statues and family’s framed pictures – they look so good on a shelf. But bookcases take too much space and the floating ones are too expensive and don’t stand so much weight (around 10 pounds – but you can’t put […]

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Refresh the kid’s room with wall stickers

Home interior, 01.08.2014

Decorating the kid’s room when moving into a new home, or when expecting a new member in the family, or just to refresh it for fun, is one of the greatest pleasures. There are so many ideas and ways to play while decorating – you and the kids together. Have a look at the tips […]

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Get rid of suntan oil from your carpet

Cleaning Tips, 28.07.2014

Summer is here and the regular summer carpet stains become a big danger for the domestic living space once again. Sun tan oil, for instance, might become a real nasty nightmare for your living room, bedroom or any other premise at home that has a rug, too. Don’t panic, because our cleansing solutions always work […]

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Clever tips for those of you, who move out frequently

Tenant living, 24.07.2014

Whether it is your job, or something else that makes you do it, moving frequently might become very stressful. A removal comes with a bunch of chores and tasks you need to do and if you do it on a regular occasion, a chance to go crazy and get too confused is very possible. As […]

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Cheap office improvements

Tips and tricks, 21.07.2014

Whether you work from home and have a cozy office corner, or you’re a part of a big company, where everybody accepts the chore to establish homey atmosphere on his own, office improvements are great ways to increase working capacity! Provide yourself an optimal environment with few tips and easy tricks that will also suit […]

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Decorate your home with extravagant art elements

Housekeeping, 17.07.2014

According to the dictionary extravagant is something beyond the limits of reason and the common sense. But if it is what makes us special and unique should we bereave ourselves from it? Believe it or not, these days it’s hard а person to be defined as extravagant. With all the people trying to get the […]

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