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The role of the landlord

Tenant living, 14.07.2014

You might accept the landlord as the one, who only break your personal family budget bank, but, as a matter of fact, he has plenty of other obligations – towards you. It could be good for you as a tenant to know your rights, which are actually your landlord’s obligations in most cases. Thus, you […]

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London Vegan Beer Fest – cheers!

London Events, 10.07.2014

Feeling truly green recently? Wondering how to enhance your eco-friendly lifestyle and still need a little bit summer entertaining positive emotions combined with fun? We have a great suggestion for you! Visit the upcoming London Vegan Beer Fest in London! Stunning surprises, awesome show and real beer made of natural products for vegans only are […]

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Bring more comfort to your home

Housekeeping, 07.07.2014

Our home is our fortress but also our retreat. When we go home we want mainly to have rest and security. A couple of things can add a bit more comfort to your home, not some fancy big renovations or expensive appliances, just some little touches that will make the returning home even more desired. […]

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How to store your leather and suede goods

Housekeeping, 04.07.2014

Summer is already here, don’t you think it is time to pack your winter clothes and give a new life to all your colourful summer clothing? Leather and suede are popular materials that most of the people prefer for jackets, coats and other sorts of winter clothes. They look great and if you want to […]

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Enjoy the household tasks

Housekeeping, 30.06.2014

Oh, look at these moves! What a lady! It seems that Mrs. Doubtfire enjoys her vacuum cleaning routine.

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Repairs required – damage caused by the tenant

Tenant living, 27.06.2014

Damages are very possible to occur at home. Though, if you live in a rented house or flat, you need to pay an extra attention, when you do the repairs. Moreover – it is very important to know when a damage is your responsibility or your landlord’s responsibility. And one more thing – it is […]

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