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Your locksmith advises

Housekeeping, 23.06.2014

It is quite a common situation to be locked out of your house or car, to break your lock or to lose your keys and even if you turn every stone around, you just cannot find them. In these cases we always turn for help to locksmiths. They open any door and always save us. […]

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Top 10 ways to decrease your rent

Tenant living, 20.06.2014

Nowadays there are serious financial difficulties and the rent prices are increasing with a cosmic speed. What you can do in this situation is not giving up from the house you had fallen in love from your first sight, but make some good and strong efforts to reduce the cost. How to do it? Well, […]

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Super ideas for green summer cleaning

Housekeeping, 17.06.2014

Summer cleaning is usually specially tailored for home preparation for the upcoming holidays, vacations and days-off. It is much better to spend these days in a clean home than in cleaning the home! So, cleaning and sanitising your home in advance is a good idea to maximise the awesome emotions of your sweetest summer. Hot […]

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Tips for cleaning 8 common home messes

Cleaning Tips, 12.06.2014

Experts claim that any house has at least once suffered from the following 8 common home messes. Besides, even if you live in an apartment, there is a big possibility for you to face one of them, too. We are glad to share with you how to reduce and remove all of these messes:

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Professional end of tenancy cleaning session in Fulham

Cleaning sessions, 09.06.2014

Our experts provided reliable sanitising assistance in a messy, rented house. The service performed was thorough end of tenancy cleaning in Fulham SW6 4AX, which transformed the filthy living area into an impeccable home place.

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How to organise your jewelry

Housekeeping, 06.06.2014

They say gems have their own life – their colours speak and they say what words fail of. Female jewelry is the hidden speech a woman wants to tell to the whole world – with secret messages and beautiful epistle. Here are a couple of ideas that may show you how to organise your jewelry. […]

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