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Extravagant ways to personalise your home decor – inexpensive ideas

Home interior, 01.02.2016

The unique and personal home decoration is definitely something to be proud of. If you are not only being creative but you want to be considered extravagant and fashionable you can check these ideas out.

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Painting of your walls all by yourself – essential mistakes

Tips and tricks, 29.01.2016

Maybe you are brave enough to start painting your walls all by yourself? This enthusiasm may  really help you achieve great results as well as failing really bad. However, don’t lose hope – everyone makes mistakes. Even if it is your first time just try avoiding the most common mistakes and you will not regret […]

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How to grow orchids at home – smart tips

Tips and tricks, 25.01.2016

Orchid is one of the most delightful plants you can have at your home. They are not expensive and usually easy to take care of. Your patience may be rewarded with a whole bunch of gorgeous blossoms beautifying your living room. Here are some tips you may find useful.

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4 areas that require regular dusting

Cleaning secrets, 22.01.2016

Dusting is an essential component of every home cleaning procedure but you can hardly find someone who actually enjoys this activity. On the contrary – dusting is often hastily done and as a result, you live in a dirty environment despite the efforts you make to keep your place clean. Actually, the large quantities of […]

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How to choose kitchen cabinets for home renovation

Home interior, 18.01.2016

So, it’s time for a kitchen renovation? Kitchen cabinets are probably the most important kitchen furniture. Choosing the right type of kitchen cabinet guarantees that your kitchen will look cosy and functional. Your kitchen should express your personality. On the other hand, kitchen is the place where you make your food so it should be […]

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6 bathroom areas you forget to clean

Cleaning Tips, 15.01.2016

Along with the kitchen, bathroom is commonly defined as one of the dirtiest places at home and therefore, it requires regular cleaning and sanitizing. Many people clean just the bathroom sink and tiles, mop the floor once a week and believe that’s enough for keeping themselves protected from the germs. Well, you might be disappointed […]

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