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Museums at Night in London

London Events, 13.05.2014

What could be better than spending lots of time in sightseeing among London? Doing it at night! Yes, we are talking about the favorite and so awaited event of Museums at Night in London! Even if you have thought that visiting galleries and watching ancient artifacts is boring, this experience will change your mind.

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House cleaning schedule including your family

Housekeeping, 10.05.2014

The cleaning time could be the scariest time, right! Especially provided that you are not alone in the house with your husband and the kids around. You start to think that more people mean more cleaning and less free time for fun. This is the sad truth, indeed. To turn this all around you may […]

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Carpet cleaning in Clapham

Cleaning sessions, 08.05.2014

  Before our professional carpet cleaning in Clapham SW4 7TB, it’s obvious that the carpet is conquered by dark, persistent stains and discoloration. After application of steam-heat extraction method, the carpet is deeply sanitised and the original colour is brought back. All stains and microbes are removed, the fabric is thoroughly disinfected and looks like […]

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Impeccable office space – some compelling reasons to own it

Cleaning Tips, 29.04.2014

Almost every third employee spends the greatest part of his day in dusty and messy office place. What about you? Look around your office area, what do you see? Is there dust on your desk, are there all the files ordered at their places? If you’re not satisfied from what you just found out, it’s […]

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Cope with the mess after the last night party

Cleaning secrets, 28.04.2014

If you’re a party kind of person, then you’re used to welcome your friends in your dwelling very often. It’s not bad to have interesting conversations, to cook together, to dance and to amuse yourself in pleasant company. It’s just wonderful to take part in noisy revelries. There is just one detail, that is not […]

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Express bathroom sanitising – why not?

Cleaning Tips, 28.04.2014

Toilet and bathroom sanitising are maybe some of the most repulsive household chores for all housekeepers. However, no matter if you want it or not bathroom cleaning is mandatory for every home. Even little kids will tell you that in these high-risk premises microbes abound. Humidity in bathroom creates a favorable environment for development of […]

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