End of lease cleaning – important details

Cleaning secrets
The end of tenancy cleaning is not only comprehensive and super deep sanitising procedure. It’s also accompanied by many organising projects and specific features. The most important condition is to restore the flawless hygiene via thorough domestic cleaning operation. The property must be ready for the new tenants and it must look just the way it was when you moved in. After all the deep disinfecting, all that matters is your landlord’s satisfaction. For this purpose long-lasting mopping and scrubbing is needed. There are really exigent lessors, so be prepared for eventual black marks. (more…)
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Removing dust – how often to do it?

Cleaning Tips
Dust is something you can’t remove forever. It’s constantly accumulated in every home and regular dusting is indispensable. Actually through regular dust cleaning you will eliminate dust mites, allergens and pathogens either. Thus, your home will be more hygienic and a safer place to inhabit. In this article we have gathered some crucial facts about this enemy - dust. (more…)
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