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Cleaning machines you can give as a gift on a housewarming party

Housekeeping, 11.01.2016

A friend of yours has just moved to a new house and you are invited to a housewarming party? The etiquette requires you to buy a gift but you cannot decide what would be the most appropriate item? Well, why don’t you buy something practical instead of a souvenir or a useless decoration that might […]

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Small kitchen design tips

Home interior, 08.01.2016

Small kitchens go hand in hand with a lot of inconveniences caused by the lack of space but unfortunately, not everyone can afford it to live in a spacious house. If you are among those people who are trying to find a solution to the lack of space, you probably keep the kitchen appliances and […]

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Ceramic knives – what you should know about them

Housekeeping, 04.01.2016

There are many types of ceramic knives, of any size and length, and with different prices. High quality knives come out more expensive, of course. You probably have at least one of those in your kitchen? Check out what you should know about them:

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Warm up your bedroom during winter with these 5 tips

Home interior, 25.12.2015

So, winter is already here and the weather turned all blustery. Even though we have all the conveniences such as air-conditioners or other heaters during the night, it can get quite cold in your bedroom. Well, here are some tips you can use that will help you keep your bedroom nice and warm during the […]

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How to select an alarm clock

Lifestyle, 21.12.2015

The alarm of the clock wakes you up at a specific time every day. Most modern clocks, however, have a variety of features, such as a reminder. That can refer to the intake of medicine, for an event, for an important call to make, etc. But how to choose an alarm clock that is right […]

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Christmas at home or at a fancy restaurant – which one is better?

Lifestyle, 18.12.2015

Christmas is traditionally a family holiday, unlike New year’s Eve, for example, which can be spent with friends. Most people associate Christmas with cold weather, snow outside, a lot of lights and decorations. On the other hand, however, Christmas represents love, comfort and warmth at the family home. Where you should celebrate this bright Christian holiday? […]

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