4 areas that require regular dusting

Cleaning secrets
Dusting is an essential component of every home cleaning procedure but you can hardly find someone who actually enjoys this activity. On the contrary – dusting is often hastily done and as a result, you live in a dirty environment despite the efforts you make to keep your place clean. Actually, the large quantities of dust around the house can have quite a negative effect on your health, not to mention that you must feel ashamed if you invite friends for a drink and all of the surfaces are covered with a thick layer of dust. Luckily, you can minimize the quantities of dust at home now that  you know which are the areas that require your attention: (more…)
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How to choose kitchen cabinets for home renovation

Home interior
So, it's time for a kitchen renovation? Kitchen cabinets are probably the most important kitchen furniture. Choosing the right type of kitchen cabinet guarantees that your kitchen will look cosy and functional. Your kitchen should express your personality. On the other hand, kitchen is the place where you make your food so it should be well organized and easy to clean. Make sure you've done your study before choosing your kitchen cabinets. (more…)
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