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How to take care of your high-quality kitchen vessels

Cleaning Tips, 23.11.2015

When it comes to your high-quality kitchen vessels, their maintenance depends on the material they were made from. It is extremely important to consider that, because this way you will be able to clean your vessels properly. In order to protect your pans and pots, you need to know things or two. Check out our useful […]

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Feng shui in the bathroom

Home interior, 20.11.2015

One of the most important things in the bathroom according to Feng Shui is the lighting. It is believed that the central lighting in general is not enough and it is desirable to have a few more sources of light, including several candles. Another important part is the mirror – according to feng shui, the […]

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Yellow color in the interior – tips and rules

Home interior, 16.11.2015

Yellow interior is а common phenomenon. If you like yellow and you want this colour in your home, see the following advice:

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How to choose a new dishwasher

Tips and tricks, 13.11.2015

Dishwasher in every home is an investment that facilitates the housewife so much. However, before you proceed with the purchase of this equipment, you should get to know what the market offers. Check out more details:

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When do you need to wash various home items and clothes?

Housekeeping, 09.11.2015

Cleaning the house is an overwhelming job. A good housewife usually alone copes with everything, starting with clothes, through the phones and get to pet. How often to repeat the cleaning of the objects of everyday life? Check out more information:

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Get rid of all pesticides and poisons in your home

Cleaning secrets, 02.11.2015

Disposal of pesticides and poisons from home in order to live calm and a bit more environmentally friendly seems complicated and slow process. But actually it’s not. You just have to be aware of what steps to change in order to achieve the desired result. Check out more details:

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