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When do you need to wash various home items and clothes?

Housekeeping, 09.11.2015

Cleaning the house is an overwhelming job. A good housewife usually alone copes with everything, starting with clothes, through the phones and get to pet. How often to repeat the cleaning of the objects of everyday life? Check out more information:

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Get rid of all pesticides and poisons in your home

Cleaning secrets, 02.11.2015

Disposal of pesticides and poisons from home in order to live calm and a bit more environmentally friendly seems complicated and slow process. But actually it’s not. You just have to be aware of what steps to change in order to achieve the desired result. Check out more details:

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8 cleaning hacks for lazy housewives

Cleaning Tips, 30.10.2015

Nowadays, there are many lazy housewives. What about you? Even if cleaning is not among your favorite activities, you can easily keep your home tidy, if you follow a few recommendations. You might be surprised how few tips can save you hours of cleaning:

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3 advantages of professional oven steam cleaning

Cleaning secrets, 26.10.2015

For some of us, kitchen is the favorite place at home. This is where you make all those delicious recipes for you and your family. And of course, when you cook your masterpieces your oven gets dirty and cleaning it afterwards isn’t an easy task. Anyone who ever tried to remove burned grease out of […]

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Clean your home during rainy autumn days – hacks

Cleaning secrets, 23.10.2015

According to a popular saying “There is nothing better than the bad weather” and it is absolutely applicable to the autumn season when you want to do nothing but to make yourself a cup of tea, grab a book and wrap into a fluffy blanket. Of course, you miss the summer days and live with […]

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Check out these 5 natural household deodorizers!

Housekeeping, 19.10.2015

Sometimes bad smells are common thing for every home. No matter how much you clean and sanitise, there are cases when your home smells really bad. The reasons are multiple – mould, spoiled food under the cupboard, dusty carpets, dirty fridge. Every good housewife must know how to deodorise her home in a perfect way […]

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