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What is amigurumi?

Lifestyle, 25.09.2015

Knitwear is back with a new face. In short, amigurumi is what will help you to save from buying toys and why not start your own business?! The trend of these stuffed dolls appears in Japan several decades ago. In Europe and America it comes in the early two thousands. Nowadays these are one of […]

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How the Pomodoro technique improves your productivity

Tips and tricks, 23.09.2015

First of all, what is Pomodoro technique? Well, it is a technique of dividing your work in 25 minutes of high intensity work followed by 3-5 minutes of break. You can buy the original apple-shaped Pomodoro timer (pommes means apple in French) or just use a regular kitchen timer. Now imagine that you are at […]

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Smart tips when you cook potatoes

Tips and tricks, 18.09.2015

Do you love to cook potatoes? Check out these smart tips and make them even more tasty:

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Career pieces of advice that you should ignore

Lifestyle, 14.09.2015

When it comes to your career you have probably heard all sorts of tips on how to achieve success, but most of these tips are not practical and only the words sound pretty good. Here are a few examples:

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Boredom is not as terrible as it seems

Lifestyle, 11.09.2015

Today people need to be entertained. TV particularly reminds us that – shows, series, reality shows, advertisements. Some will say that this way we are distracted from important events and news. Others will say that our life is terribly difficult and complicated, so a little fun won’t hurt anybody. The danger to live without the […]

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Baby photography at home – tips

Tips and tricks, 07.09.2015

If you want wonderful photos of your baby, it’s not necessary every time to turn to professional photographer to do the best pictures. Take a camera, get the little one ready for the photo session and follow these tips for baby photography:

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