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Smart tips when you cook potatoes

Tips and tricks, 18.09.2015

Do you love to cook potatoes? Check out these smart tips and make them even more tasty:

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Career pieces of advice that you should ignore

Lifestyle, 14.09.2015

When it comes to your career you have probably heard all sorts of tips on how to achieve success, but most of these tips are not practical and only the words sound pretty good. Here are a few examples:

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Boredom is not as terrible as it seems

Lifestyle, 11.09.2015

Today people need to be entertained. TV particularly reminds us that – shows, series, reality shows, advertisements. Some will say that this way we are distracted from important events and news. Others will say that our life is terribly difficult and complicated, so a little fun won’t hurt anybody. The danger to live without the […]

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Baby photography at home – tips

Tips and tricks, 07.09.2015

If you want wonderful photos of your baby, it’s not necessary every time to turn to professional photographer to do the best pictures. Take a camera, get the little one ready for the photo session and follow these tips for baby photography:

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Problems of modern couples

Lifestyle, 04.09.2015

Is it possible to live with the same person all your life? Can we be in love until the end of our days? How to accept infidelity? What kind of problems modern couples face:

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Old instruments become impressive decoration

Home interior, 31.08.2015

The violin of your great-grandfather is broken or no one plays it anymore? It’s not a reason to sell it or to let it root on the ceiling. Every object can be awaken for a new life with a couple of alterations. A bit of paint, some decorative patterns, foil or anything that come into […]

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