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Carpet Cleaning London
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Carpet Cleaning London

Maintaining your carpets and delicate rugs in an impeccable condition is essential for keeping up the good level of hygiene in your living premises. Many homeowners are mislead and assume that regular hoovering is enough to preserve the good looks of their rugs but as it is only superficial procedure dirt and bacteria remain deeply embedded in the fibres. Nice and Clean London is here to give you an easier and more convenient solution – our professional carpet cleaning London services are affordable and efficient!

Why You Need Professional Assistance in Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning is a lot more than simply vacuuming or sweeping on a weekly basis. Of course, regular maintenance is necessary in order to keep the good condition of your rugs for a long time. But manufacturers do not tolerate running deep carpet cleaning at home. The reason is that you may experience various problems resulting from an incorrect procedure. The most common mistakes that might occur are two: over-wetting and overuse of cleaning detergents. 
Professional carpet cleaning is required at least once a year. The experts have useful knowledge and valuable experience, so you will undoubtedly see the difference. 

Why Choose Professional Cleaning Services Nice and Clean London?
Once you realise the necessity of professional interference in your household duties, logically the next question is how to choose a company. It  must be reliable, with a good reputation amongst the customers. 
Our company is popular with tireless, experienced cleaners, who are ready to deal with every cleaning issue in front of them.

We offer an extended list of professional cleaning services, including professional carpet cleaning. Check out our main advantages:

  • High-quality cleansers and equipment – our cleaners utilise cleaning agents with high quality. What is more, these products are not harmful to nature or human’s health. Our experts work with modern equipment such as steam and dry cleaner machines, high-power vacuums, etc. Thanks to those innovative cleaning techniques, they are able to deal with any kind of stubborn stains, water damages or dust mites. Our professionals will leave your carpet spotless, fresh and nicely scented;
  • Flexible work schedule – the date and time of our meeting is entirely up to you. Our cleaning experts can come to you immediately and solve the problems with your carpets right away. You will be definitely happy with the final results of their work. 

Affordability – using our professional cleaning services will not break your budget, just the opposite. You will not have to spend anything for expensive cleaning agents. If you have done it before, then you know: you might try different products and achieve different results every time. You keep on buying and buying and that could be endless. On the other hand, the professionals had everything tested and they know the best way to clean your carpets quickly and effectively.


Steam Cleaning

Bedroom £25.00
Living/dining room £30.00
Through lounge £45.00
Flight of stairs £25.00
A small rug/carpet £15.00
A large rug/carpet £27.00

Dry Cleaning

Bedroom £40.00
Living/dining room £48.00
Through lounge £73.00
Flight of stairs £40.00
A small rug/carpet £25.00
A large rug/carpet £43.00

* Minimum charge applies for both steam and dry cleaning.

What about your upholstery? It definitely needs some refreshment, so learn more about our professional upholstery cleaning!

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