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Carpet Cleaning

Maintaining your carpets and delicate rugs in an impeccable condition is essential for keeping up the good level of hygiene in your living premises. Many homeowners are mislead and assume that regular hoovering is enough to preserve the good looks of their rugs but as it is only superficial procedure dirt and bacteria remain deeply embedded in the fibres. Nice and Clean London is here to give you an easier and more convenient solution – our professional carpet cleaning services are affordable and efficient!

Our company delivers high-class carpet cleaning solutions in London that will leave your rugs fresh and functional. Neglecting their condition may result in developing serious respiratory problems - carpets give shelter to many microorganisms that can cause harm to the sensitive members of your family. The methods our carpet cleaners use are proven and guarantee immaculate cleaning results. All of our London carpet cleaning professionals have undergone a comprehensive vetting and training to ensure that you will be provided with services of high standard.

Don't hesitate but call us now on 020 3670 2141 and book our convenient carpet cleaning service in London at a competitive price! Our budget-friendly price policy proves that professional cleaning services don't have to come with a heavy price tag!

Steam and dry cleaning methods for stain-free carpets

Watch this video and you will see the immediate results of our steam cleaning procedure! Our competent London carpet cleaners use a special set of cleaning techniques and equipment that are complied with the type of the material of your rug so you should not worry about your carpet loosening or being a subject to a structural damage. Our respected company offers two different methods – steam and dry carpet cleaning. They are both done on site for your convenience and guarantee a fresh look for your carpets. Read on and discover more details about the our procedures:

Carpet Cleaning London

  • Steam cleaning - this deep disinfecting alternative is also known as steam-heat extraction method and is appropriate for synthetic/ manufactured fabrics. The entire process begins with thorough hoovering of the carpet area. Right after that all visible, stubborn stains are pretreated by our trained London carpet cleaners in order to achieve better final outcome. After that with the help of our modern machinery our cleaning professionals inject hot water and a special detergent under high pressure. The product is eco-friendly and biodegradable yet strong and efficient – it loosens dirt and grimes and kills bacteria and microorganisms. When the final vacuum cleaning is accomplished, your carpet is left comprehensively disinfected and re-freshened – it will be ready to use in a couple of hours.
  • Dry cleaning - there are carpet materials that are water-sensitive so they require very-low- or no-moisture system in order to be disinfected. Delicate, decorative, antique, natural and hand-knotted fabrics are carefully sanitised applying London dry cleaning method. Our competent cleaning experts use powerful compound that is spread evenly with the help of a special equipment. It is harmless even for the most sensitive members of your family. A chemical reaction is provoked and dirt and filth are easily extracted as they are loosened and vacuumed off together with the dry cleanser. Your carpet is functional right after the final vacuuming!

Nice and Clean London is a reputed provider of carpet cleaning services and this is why our company strives for 100% customer satisfaction. If you want to preserve the fresh looks of your deeply sanitised carpet for longer, you are recommended to take advantage of Scotchgard Protector – it is an invisible protective layer that makes your rugs resistant to stains and spills. Just ask our polite customer care representatives and they will give you further details!

Contact us on 020 3670 2141 and get a free quote now! Our helpful assistants are on hand to answer to all of your questions!


Steam Cleaning

Bedroom £25.00
Living/dining room £30.00
Through lounge £45.00
Flight of stairs £25.00
A small rug/carpet £15.00
A large rug/carpet £27.00

Dry Cleaning

Bedroom £40.00
Living/dining room £48.00
Through lounge £73.00
Flight of stairs £40.00
A small rug/carpet £25.00
A large rug/carpet £43.00

* Minimum charge applies for both steam and dry cleaning.

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