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Carpet Cleaning in SM4 Morden

Get carpet cleaning in Morden and ensure the top notch quality care for all your carpets or rugs. Our expert carpet cleaners are always ready to assist you when it comes to steam or dry carpet cleaning services promising you the best quality on low rates.

It is about time to forget about useless beating or careless refreshment of your carpet! It is high time to give your rugs professional treatment and sophisticated maintenance. Meet the new enemy of dust, stains, pests and bacteria with our carpet cleaning service in SM4!

Nice and Clean London is established and meant to work for people’s health and well-being in their own residential homes. Our professional carpet cleaning service in Morden was developed and put into action for more detailed and perfect results. Our reliable service is now available for the entire SM4 area. Making a reservation for it is simple, fast and convenient.


You can call us on 020 3670 2141 or you can get yourself a free quote through the online booking form, the e-mail contact or the online chat. All options are accessible 24 hours a day and all the cleaners, supervisors and experts are opened for your questions and attempts to get informed. Expect kind assistance, devoted support and totally natural cleaning procedure! The pack of detergents is green and non-toxic and the equipment is modern, innovative and 100% working with all carpet types and against all carpet pollutions.

Professional carpet cleaning service in Morden is suitable for both – natural and synthetic carpets and rugs. According to the type, two general solutions are applied:

  • Steam carpet cleaning – suitable for general and manufactured fabrics. The method is appropriate for high traffic rugs, old items and extremely spotted and dirtied carpets. Known as hot water extraction method, steam carpet cleaning is reputable and dependable. High temperature water and a special harmless detergent are injected into the carpet and then, vacuumed back. The dirtiness is extracted thanks to the high pressure and the efficient compounds in the cleanser. The carpet can be usable in a couple of hours. Till then, clients are given special nylon packs for passing the wet area.
  • Dry carpet cleaning – revolutionary technology that delicately disinfects and cleanses extra special carpet types. Made to protect the fine and thin fabrics – 100% natural, wool, antique, decorative, hand-knitted and water-sensitive – this careful and harmless solution kills germs and spots flawlessly. The gentle approach into the sanitising procedure is none- or very-low-moisture system. This preserves the material and protects it from shrinking or tearing. The biodegradable, absorbent compound, on the other side, deals with the grime, which is vacuumed out with a special machine. The best part is that carpet is usable immediately!

Carpet cleaning londonDon't hesitate, but take advantage of our carpet cleaning service in Morden! Expect great results and enjoy your deeply disinfected and refreshed carpets and rugs! See the special prices for the service – affordable, cheap and exclusive! Learn about the combination of the carpet cleaning service with the end of tenancy cleaning service and get informed about the super 50% discount, if you order them together!

Dial 020 3670 2141 and book our convenient carpet cleaning in Morden!

Learn more about our efficient End of tenancy cleaning!


Steam Cleaning

Bedroom £25.00
Living/dining room £30.00
Through lounge £45.00
Flight of stairs £25.00
A small rug/carpet £15.00
A large rug/carpet £27.00

Dry Cleaning

Bedroom £40.00
Living/dining room £48.00
Through lounge £73.00
Flight of stairs £40.00
A small rug/carpet £25.00
A large rug/carpet £43.00

* Minimum charge applies for both steam and dry cleaning.

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